Revolutionize Crypto Development with One Function for All Crypto Networks.

Poof's innovative API allows developers to create and manage crypto wallets, sign transactions, and perform any on-chain interaction across multiple blockchain networks. Our platform, with built in RPCs and smart contracts across all networks, ensures the same transaction call format across different blockchains..


Create Crypto Wallets Across Any Blockchain from Bitcoin to Ethereum. One function for all networks, simply change the network name in the API.


Built in Blockchain Nodes and Smart Contracts across all major networks.


Build Across Any Programming Language. Create services from Web Wallets to Payment Gateways, using Poof MPC Crypto Wallets.

Streamlining Blockchain Development with Poof's REST APIs for JSON RPCs

Embrace the next-level efficiency of Poof's REST APIs for JSON RPCs in your blockchain development. Poof uniquely standardizes critical functions like 'send_raw_transaction' and 'fetch_uxtos' into a single endpoint, simplifying the development process in any programming language. Whether you're building an application for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or an emerging blockchain, Poof has you covered with comprehensive code snippets and libraries. Say goodbye to juggling between different APIs and commands - with Poof, you have a one-stop solution. Jumpstart your blockchain application development with the streamlined power of Poof's REST APIs for JSON RPCs.

Poof's Multi-Chain Support: Simplifying JSON RPCs Across Major Blockchain Networks

Unleash the potential of multi-chain blockchain development with Poof's wide-ranging support for inbuilt RPCs and function calls. From the Bitcoin blockchain to the Ethereum blockchain, BNB blockchain, Avalanche blockchain, XRP blockchain, and more, Poof is your go-to platform. We've made it easy for developers to interact with various blockchains using standardized JSON RPCs, improving interoperability and broadening the scope of potential applications. By handling the complexities of different blockchains, Poof lets you focus on what truly matters - creating impactful applications. Start developing on multiple blockchain networks with ease using Poof's multi-chain support.

Standardized Transactions across Bitcoin and Cardano: A Closer Look at Poof's JSON RPCs?.

Experience a whole new level of simplicity in blockchain development with Poof's standardization of functions across any blockchain. Our innovative solution transforms 'send_raw_transaction' and 'fetch_uxtos' into a unified endpoint, easing the development process. No more wrangling with individual commands for each blockchain, as Poof takes care of the heavy lifting. Regardless of whether you're working with Litecoin's established network or exploring the untapped potential of Polkadot, Poof provides the standardization you need. Embrace the convenience of standardized transactions across multiple blockchain networks with Poof's JSON RPCs.