Poof API Documentation Poof API - Free Digital Payments API for Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Apple Pay, Paypal, and 300+ payment methods.


Welcome to Poof API, a fast, lightweight, and simple programmable REST interface for accepting payments. Poof API is currently in beta and is undergoing many additions.

Poof uses a powerful security model through JSON Web Tokens to authenticate your requests. To get started, sign in to Poof to retrive your API key and refresh token to start making requests. The life cycle of refresh tokens are 200 Days and API keys are defaulted to 10 hours. Your JSON Web Token API keys can have a custom lifeline and can be refreshed for added security through your refresh token before it expires.

Get Started: Sign in to Poof to get your API Key.

API Security Scheme
JSON Web Token

Header Type


Content Type


GET https://www.poof.io/api/v1/key POST https://www.poof.io/v1/generate_key

Create a new API key

To access Poof's API, you will need to create an Refresh key in the Poof Dashboard that can be used to generate new API keys.


Refresh Token REQUIRED

The Refresh Token ID listed in your dashboard. This will be used to generate new API keys.


expiration Optional

The lifespan of the API Key (seconds) that will be changed in this request. JWT API keys cannot be revoked.


Returns the Authentication object if the API key was valid. This call will return an error if something goes wrong. A common source of error is an invalid or expired API Key.

POST api/v1/key
        "expiration": "5",
        "object": "authentication",
        "permission_field": "api_key"
        "user": "poof"


Retrieve API Key Data

Returns a information about your current API key.


No parameters

Returns a JSON expiration and key name if the authorization header was valid, and throws an error otherwise.

GET /v1/generate_key
        "expiration": "123",
        "object": "authentication"
        "permission_field": "api_key",
        "user": "Poof"


Poof checkout is a hosted checkout session that enables you to collect payments on your own website. Choose from a variety of payment methods on through the Poof dashboard and display a secure checkout.

Related guide: Poof Payment Integration.

Need assistance? Contact Poof customer support for custom integration help.

Payment Button
    <button class = "poof" id="poof" onclick="request()"> </button>
      const payload = { 
      username: "Username", 
      amount: "10",
      redirect: "https://example.com/",
    <script src="https://www.poof.io/static/api/checkout.js"></script>
    <script src="https://www.poof.io/static/api/sdk.js"></script>


Create a Checkout Session


username REQUIRED

Username of the Poof account. Connected payments of the account will automatically show up at checkout.


Amount intended to be collected by this checkout session. The collected amount must be above $0 (e.g., 1.50 representing $1.50 or 50 representing $50.00)

redirect REQUIRED

Redirect URL upon cancellation

POST /api/v1/checkout

        "checkout_url": "https://www.poof.io/checkout/session/ :session_ID"