How do I accept Bitcoin Payments to Wasabi Wallet?

What is an Bitcoin xPub (Extended Public Key?)

To achieve maximum Bitcoin privacy, Poof generates new bitcoin and cryptocurrency addresses every time funds are received. Each BTC public address your wallet generates comes from your wallet's xPub (Extended Public Key).

1. Poof does not need your private keys
2. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency payments go directly to your wallet
3. New addresses enhance your privacy.

Poof also supports yPub and zPub formats and convert them to xPub format.

How to Find xPub On Wasabi Wallet?

Poof makes it easy to accept Bitcoin payments to your Wasabi Wallet. The majority of Bitcoin wallets are light clients, which share a node between many users. To prevent performance issues, most Bitcoin wallets limit the amount (20 max) of addresses without balance that they track on the blockchain. Wasabi wallet allows set your own limit on how many Bitcoin addresses you want to scan, which is perfect for processing your own Bitcoin payments.

Where to Find xPub on Wasabi Wallet:
1. Wallet Explorer -> Advanced -> Wallet Info
2. Find Extended Account Public Key

3. Copy Paste the Key into Poof


Poof will automatically process Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency payments for you without the need for your private keys. You can call Poof Support if you have any further questions.

Bitcoin payments will go directly into your wallet with your generated xPub addresses.